Folks of all persuasions have long been enamored with the sport of basketball. However, many people don’t know all the ins and outs. This article offers techniques that can be utilized by people with different skill levels.

Learn what a crossover is and how to do it. In a crossover, you transfer the basketball from hand to hand. This should be something you do quickly. When executed properly, a crossover dribble lets you alternate directions suddenly so that you can move down the entire court quickly.

Learn proper dribbling. Use the fingertips, not the palm, for the best dribbling. Using your fingers allows you to better control the basketball. Dribble off to the side waist high. Always look upwards, never at the ground.

Balance is vital to good shooting. Sometimes you’ll see professional players fall out of bounds while making a shot from afar, but this doesn’t work at all times. They are professionals, and they are able to improvise successfully. If you have correct balance when you are making a shot, you will make more consistent baskets over time.

When dribbling, focus on what’s in front of you by keeping your head up. If you have to keep your eye on the ball when you’re dribbling, practice can remedy that. Wherever you go, take your ball with you. Dribble on your way to school. If you’re trying to look at the ball then you’re not concentrating on what’s going on down the court.

Free throws are as mental as physical. It is possible to practice the physical movements needed to make such a shot, but when your mental focus is lacking, you are likely to miss. Relax as you focus on making the shot, and soon you’ll be making more free throws.

Bounce Pass

One good way to learn good passing is drill often without dribbling. It is difficult playing without dribbling; however, it helps the team make better passes. Don’t get too frustrated if you’re having a hard time when you start because after a while passes are going to be more accurate.

A bounce pass is essential to learn. A good bounce pass should hit the player on the receiving end at waist level. It’s best to bounce the basketball about 75 percent of the way towards your teammate. There are, however, other factors that influence the pass.

When exercise, concentrate on perfecting footwork and strengthening your core muscles. Your body is going to be more balanced and be able to move faster when you have strong core muscles. You must work out your hip, back and abdomen muscles. To help get even quicker and have better footwork you can jump rope.

One way to help improve your overall basketball skills is to spend some time watching what the pros do. Go to as many pro games as possible, watch them on TV, or watch videos of them playing. You’ll see that every great player has specific skills that cause them to be great and you have the opportunity to practice what you’re watching them do.

Having a pre-free-throw shot routine will help you become dependable at free throws. It could be that you dribble several times, bend at the knees, brush your hair out of your eyes or do something else. Following the same routine gives your body will maintain muscle memory for more consistent free throw shooting.

You can learn how to better pass the ball if you run drills without the dribble. It is hard to play a game when you don’t dribble, but it will help you to be sure that everyone is passing accurately. Don’t be frustrated by how hard it is at first; you will get used to it.

Practice with your weak hand when it comes to dribbling. It will be much easier to blow past your opponent if you can dribble with both hands. Try tying the dominant hand behind you and forcing yourself to just using your weak hand. This will train your weaker hand to dribble and control the ball well.

Would you like to completely fool the opposing team, making them look silly? Try the back pass. To accomplish this, grab the ball with the dominant hand. Move the ball so that it is behind you. Pass the ball from behind your back by flicking your wrist in the direction you want the ball to go. This is a very useful trick to confuse the opposing team.

Stay on top of your footwork when attempting a rebound. Try to anticipate the move of the defender between yourself and the basket so that you can maneuver around him and to the hoop. This allows you to secure the rebound without finding yourself penalized.

It is hard to argue that basketball is one of the most popular sports in American life. You need knowledge to both enjoy and play the game. Remember what you’ve learned here, and you will be pleasantly rewarded.

Make sure that the pace changes when you are on defense. When you’re moving towards the net, act like you’re going to straighten up. The offense will believe that you’re stopping or slowing down and may follow in your steps. When they do this, run ahead and push yourself forward.

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