Have you imagined yourself as Larry Bird or Magic Johnson. It takes years to be world-class players like they are, but you can improve your skills with hard work and dedication. Keep reading to learn more about the game of basketball.

When dribbling, make sure you hold your head high and look straight ahead. If you have to ever look at the ball while dribbling, then you haven’t practiced that enough. Bring the basketball with you everywhere you go. You can practice dribbling when you have to walk to the store. By looking forward instead of at the basketball, you are able to see the happenings on the court.

Free throw practice is vitally important. This may seem like an easy task, but in reality, things prove otherwise. Put this technique into practice as often as you can. Start with the ball held out from your face. Then, look at the ball and visualize it going in the basket. Then throw the ball just as you had visualized.

You must have good balance to shoot well. Falling when you make a shot is not the right way to shoot. They are improvising. You need the right balance to shoot; it is the only way to eventually make consistent baskets.

You must have good balance to shoot well. You’ve seen the pros fall out of bounds when trying to shoot 30 feet from the basket; this is a bad move. Taking a shot when you are off balance will probably lead to a turnover. If you have correct balance when you are making a shot, you will make more consistent baskets over time.

Make layups a part of your daily practice regimen. You should expect layups to represent about 80% of all the shots you take in a game. During practice you want to get up enough speed to quickly get to the rim then easily lay the ball towards the hoop. If you can do this right, you can master this shot.

Free throws are mental as well as physical. Without a strong mindset, your body simply goes through the motions to take the shot. Relax and focus on your shot, and you can make it.

Every great player understands how to properly perform a bounce pass. If done properly, the pass will land near waist level with the opposite player. Letting the ball bounce close to the other person will help the accuracy of your pass. There can be other factors in play to keep in mind, as well.

Frequently practice passing and catching the passes of others. Don’t just work on waist-level, perfect passes, though, work on receiving tougher passes as well. During a hectic game, every throw is not going to be perfect. By learning to catch errant passes, you will do your team a great favor.

Even professional basketball players spend a lot of time watching other people play basketball. Go to a bunch of professional games in person, watch them on television, or just get online to search for basketball videos. Every truly great player has unique skills that you can learn from.

Don’t bulk up if you want to be good as a jump shooter. Even though having strong muscles is great for the inside game, being on the outside it can harm you when shooting the ball. Some guards increase their upper body to the point of harming their field goals.

When avoiding errant passes, use hand signals. Often in basketball, a player makes a pass at the exact same time the receiving player heads to another part of the court. Avoid this using hand signals to see if they can get the pass. If your teammate misses your signal, then they may miss the ball as well and the other team could gain possession.

Proper handling of the ball requires that your fingers be spread apart. This gives you better control of the ball. Additionally, the palm of your hand should not come into contact with the ball. Fingers need to be the only thing that touches the ball when you shoot it or pass it.

The key for controlling the ball well is to spread your fingers. That makes it less likely that you lose control of the ball. Keep your palm off the ball, too. Fingers should be the only point of contact as you pass or shoot the ball at its target.

You need to be quick to be good at basketball. Developing speed and vision is vital to playing the game well. Playing fast takes practice, though, and steady drilling. However, don’t try to be faster than you’re physically able to be. Playing beyond your speed can result in bad passes and excessive turnovers.

One thing to consider if your shooting percentage drops is that your shoulders may be inconsistent when you are shooting. Whenever your shoulders aren’t in a good position, you simply will not shoot well, regardless of your skill level. Make sure your shoulders are always square towards the hoop. The dominant shoulder needs to be lined up with the rim.

Stay conscious of your foot motion and placement. If you have the ball and you step outside the baseline, then you’re out of bounds. Not dribbling when you take more than a few steps will result in a walking call as well as a forfeit of the ball. A foul will result if you try to take a charge or set a pick and your feet are moving.

To help perfect your free throw abilities you should perform a consistent routine. Whatever you do, from bending your knees to dribbling three times, do every time. Just make your routine quick, so that it can be consistent, and your body is going to remember just how to nail free throws following your ritual.

After going through this article you should be able to practice a number of things. You need to be confident and you have to practice. Remember what you’ve read here, and show everyone the player you really are.

If you are being heavily guarded, a pass between your legs might help. Bounce the ball very hard through your legs while stepping to the front or the back. If you get this down, you will have a major advantage on the court.

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